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Posted by aaronthynne

Connectivity through ZScaler issues

Hey all,

Has anyone had any success with connectivity via the ZScaler cloud web filter?  Am a new customer with them and am having issues.  

The behaviour of the Teamviewer application is to complain it doesn't have internet connectivity.

Even with "<wildcard>" whitelisted and SSL inspection bypassed we're still having issues. 

I've got a job logged with their support desk, but am covering my bases here too.

Has anyone seen this before and have any tips they can share? 


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Posted by JAugugliaro

Re: Connectivity through ZScaler issues

Same issue here !

My TV14 HOST applications looses the ID when the PC disconnect and reconnect to the network. It only shows the IP for LAN access only.

The only way I found to get the ID back is to kill "Teamviewer_service.exe" and relaunch TV after the network reconnected.

Did your ticket at the support desk got an answer ?

Regards, Julien

Posted by aaronthynne

Re: Connectivity through ZScaler issues

Nope - diddly squat from anyone. They were useless.

For now (until there is a better solution) I've had a firewall change made to allow it to bypass ZScaler.

I allowed TCP/UDP5938 to  *

That works.  It seems that Teamviewer prefers to talk like that anyway so I'll probably leave it like that permanently.

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Posted by JAugugliaro

Re: Connectivity through ZScaler issues

Ok thank you, but it seems that I haven't the same problem finaly. 

It's ok for me on the LAN, I only have issues with mobility users that connect/disconnect to different networks. Their TV Host seems blocked on "LAN only" mode, saying it has no internet connection. Killing "Teamviewer_service.exe" is the only way to make it recognize it has internet.

Whatever, I have a ticket with the help desk... Will see :)

Thx, Julien