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Posted by Mimivn

EMERGENCY: How to get the IP address from the log file?

Hello everyone,

I do need your help from all of you. It's absolutely emergency.

Last night, I accessed my old computer which was stolen 4 days ago.  Unfortunately, I did remember the IP address. I wonder how to get it from the log file. 

Best regard,

Poor Mimi

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1 Reply
Posted by Moderator Moderator

Re: EMERGENCY: How to get the IP address from the log file?

Hi @Mimivn ,

I am sorry to hear that your device has been stolen.

Unfortunately, logfiles are for support and diagnostics of the application by our support team. Because of this, we cannot teach you how to use the logfiles (Even our supporters use specialised software to read them)

In this case, I can confirm however that the IP address is not stored in the logfiles as TeamViewer connections are end-to-end encrypted.

TeamViewer is not tracking or anti-theft software, so we cannot provide assistance here sorry. We would recommend you contact your local authorities.

Thanks and stay safe,