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Posted by JoelGamadia

How to check teamviewer id on assigned android device

I have multiple android devices assigned to my account (about a 100). I have a device which was assigned to one of my clients but I cannot figure out which client name i renamed it to. So I was trying to find the teamviewer id on the device but could not find it, it just says assigned to my account.

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Posted by FIneman

Re: How to check teamviewer id on assigned android device


 try open the host app. click the 3 dot's and sclect advance then open the log. the ID is in there.

find this line with Sending MasterCommand

 2018/08/10 10:17:58.323 1199-1237 I/TeamViewer CProcessCommandHandlerMasterConnect[7]::HandleMasterConnect(): Sending MasterCommand

next line heres the ID. See bolded text