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Posted by rubendny

Mac High Sierra inactive mouse click selecting user

I tried to access my remote iMac running High Sierra. I can see the OS user names but I can't select them. The mouse is active and login and logout of the computer goes normal also receiving the same alerts as a regular active deactive access.

How can I force access to the Mac. File remote access returns the message that it was rejected by the user or that the computer is not active.

I did not try Force Quit because I don't know the result, if it is going to logout, reboot or shut down the remote computer, if the latter, I can afford to totally loose contact.

Is there a way to reboot the computer? I can't find that option available.

Thank you.

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Posted by rubendny

Re: Mac High Sierra inactive mouse click selecting user

I think this is a case to study. I don't think on claiming I'm the only one having this issue. I don't think that free or paid TV are exempt of it.

Thank you for your attention. After all these many days the remote iMac has exactly the same response.