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When I click on extras and then options, I get a screen dialogue that asks me for a password. I did not set a password nor do I know what it is. I tried uninstalling Teamviewer and clicked on the box to remove all settings. However, when I re-installed teamviewer, and try to get to options, I'm asked again for a password. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Re: Password

Hi @tbrabets ,

Thank you for your post.
There could be a 2 possibility about the password for the options in your situation.

  1. Admin right on your device: Please check if you are able to go to the option with an administrator right on your device. If you are not able to do it, it might be deployed the policy.
  2. Policy: Your device might be deployed the policy. Please check with your administrator for the device. 

Hope this will help you.

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