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Posted by noobiee

TeamViewer Host Add-On won't install

Resurrection Remix 5.6.9 (Android 6.0.1)
TeamViewer Host 12 (from play store)

I get the prompt that my device supports the remote control feature but the addon refuses to install. I click install and it just fails and says "App not installed."

I've tried all the QS add-ons from the store and they all don't work. Apparently I need the AOSP 1 version from the teamviewer site but when my ticket is unanswered after a week.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

3 Replies
3 Replies
Posted by Senior Moderator Senior Moderator
Senior Moderator

Re: TeamViewer Host Add-On won't install

Hi noobiee,

Thanks for posting!

Unfortunately, as we require authentication keys from the manufacturers to allow remote support, only stock ROM's are currently supported. Your device is likely a supported device which is why the app is prompting you to install the Add-On, but it cannot be installed due to your custom ROM.

I am sorry for any inconvenience.


Senior Moderator
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Posted by SUpersym

Re: TeamViewer Host Add-On won't install

Posted by Barnabas

Re: TeamViewer Host Add-On won't install

Hi Scotty,

I have the same problem but with Akai iLike X1 device. Is there any solution for the problem?

I really appreciate your answer in advance.

Best regards,