TeamViewer automatically streaming audio

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TeamViewer automatically streaming audio


I'm having an issue where I connect to a client through TeamViewer, and TeamViewer will sometimes automatically start transmitting sound from *my* microphone to the other users computer. This doesn't ever notify me, and I often don't know until I'm told by a client. We don't use the audio function of TeamViewer at all, and having a customer hear everything going on in our office often without me knowing is obviously not okay. Is there a way to permenantly disable this from happening on my end? I've tried under Audio Conferencing however I've been told that they can still hear me typing etc... I'm sorry if the answer is super obvious, I just really would like to get this sorted out quickly!!

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Re: TeamViewer automatically streaming audio

Hi Marcie,

Thanks for your post!

Sorry you are having an issue with the Audio when  using TeamViewer. It sounds like you have taken the correct steps to disbale the Audio when  making connections but please double check that you have the settings set to Mute under Audio Conferencing as pictured below.

2017-05-08 10_34_39-TeamViewer options Audio.png


You can also try muting the volume on the computer itself to see if this resolves the issue.

If not you can always reach out to your local support center for further assistance.

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Re: TeamViewer automatically streaming audio

I think this related to a different issue, a couple of other topics are posted in relation to mic issues. I replied to another thread with this..

"Indeed this is happing with the latest update.  I have a MS webcam that is connected and even though the mic is muted my light is on the camera, as if it is transmitting sound/video.  This was NOT the case with the previous version.  I see this as a bit of a security concern.  An status on a fix for this?"

My webcam should NOT be turning on.  It never did before, regardless if the video or audio is muted.  It should not be accessing that device if it's not a video call.

Can we download previous versions to go back until this is addressed?  If so, where do we obtain them?