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Posted by PsYkOKnArF

Teamviewer 14 don't work on a Debian STRETCH


I have a problem with Teamviewer14 on a Debian STRETCH (latest)

I explain the problem;

I have installed it on 3 computers (all on Debian STRETCH), and one on a UBUNTU 18.04.

All works, but on a Debian, the v14 gui shut down directely when you try to open.

On the 2 others Debian STRETCH, the v14 work fine and fast, and on the Ubuntu too.

where the v14 is problematic, I remove completely teamviewer, done the "rm -rf /home/<user>/.config/teamviewer*  /var/log/teamviewer*  /Home/<user>/.local7share/teamviewer*" and reinstall with "sudo dpkg -i teamviewer_14.1.9025_amd64.deb" and same thing append.


I've tryed to install another version ot teamviewer (v12) and it works. If I upgrade teamviewer, the v14 gui don't work.


Someone have a good trick to do?

Thanks a lot

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1 Reply
Posted by PsYkOKnArF

Re: Teamviewer 14 don't work on a Debian STRETCH


A little up about the situation.

Always the same problem on the machine.

To try, I've installed a Virtual Machine with Debian stretch and put TV on this VM.

On the VM, the last TV work fine.

I've tryed to update the default machine (where TV 12 is running), and the 14 don't work on, always the GUI shutdown.

Someone can explain to me why the 12 works fine and not the 14?

Thanks  a lot