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Posted by RockySpears

Transfered folders/files do not show in file explorer

  Been using TeamViewer for many years managing all the families PCs, no issues until today.

Version 14.  Tranfers file/folders from Win.7 machine to new Win.10 machine.

Transfered "Documents" folder OK

Transfered videos and pics into "My Pictures" and My Videos" on new PC.

The "Documents" folder is visible with all the old files, BUT there is no sign of the pics or video.

Searching shows the files are on the new PC under "My etc etc" but the folders "My etc etc" are not there (they are not "Hidden")  They should be between "Mobo" and "OneNote" folders, and search says that is indeed where they are, but the folders are NOT there and I can only find the files with Search.

Help please,

Thank you.