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Posted by sws_karls

Filter / Apply rules on tickets

Servicecamp has the abilty to assign tickets to a staff agent based on Inbox, but with multiple agents across multiple inboxes, this is much more efficient at a lower level, per message task.

In our previous ticketing platform, we could 'filter' incoming tickets.  Similar to Outlook, based on From, Subject, Body etc....  We could then Assign to, Delete, Close, Move to Inbox, turn off autoreply.

Another thing that this prevented was the dreaded tennis match between 2 helpdesks (happened to us last night - 200 tickets later!!).  By filtering known senders, you can turn off your autoreply, so they dont autoreply to your autoreply which you autoreply to their autoreply to your autoreply (think you get it)....

Please consider implementing this, it would certainly automate certain tasks, keeping the inboxes cleaner, streamlining processes and keeping the staff agents happier!