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Posted by MrAnagn

Importing customers from TeamViewer to ServiceCamp

Is there any way to add contacts from teamviewer contancts into Service Camp, Propably as customers? i noticed that email is required for customers. IF not, we have to add all customers manually in service camp in order to use it? Also i noticed that a group named was added in our teamviewer contacts moved some contacts in this group but they dont appear in Service Camp.  

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1 Reply
Posted by TeamViewer Staff
TeamViewer Staff

Re: Importing customers from TeamViewer to ServiceCamp


Unfortunatley at this moment there is no option to add Teamviewer contacts to servicecamp automatically however as a workaround we can suggest to use TeamViewer client integration. 

With that integration you can create a ticket for a user in your contacts list direclty from Teamviewer client and after creating the firts ticket that user will be added to your servicecamp.

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