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Posted by lmorel

Integration with own email server - SECURITY

Under the Servicecamp Administration then "Own Mail Server" section, I wanted to know if I understand this well. You can add your own email server to handle the flow to and from your clients/users/employees, correct? I assume this would help against false positives for the spam filter because your own email server would be more trusted for lack of better word.

With that said, is there a way to know what the Servicecamp public IPs are on the outbound so we could whitelist them in our firewall and Exchange server to ONLY allow Servicecamp mail traffic coming in?

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Posted by lmorel

Re: Integration with own email server - SECURITY


Whitelisting Teasmviewer IPs would also imply to only accept traffic coming from their servers for email purposes AND rejecting anyone else. This is huge for security.

Posted by TeamViewer Staff
TeamViewer Staff

Re: Integration with own email server - SECURITY


Thank you for your message.

The own mail server is meant to be a way to keep your mail server that your users are used to and allowing service camp to grab the mail from the server so that there is a seamless transition between responding to emails and tickets. 

The Spam filter uses the AWS default list but if you only importing from the mail server then it should get double scanned from your mail server and service camp.  

Also, there is not a list of IP's that are available for whitelisting. The best recommendation we could make is to use  * and * as they follow the same naming convention. 



Aaron Boshers
Support Engineer

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