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SERVICECAMP with Corporate Licence


We have a brand new Corporate Licence for TV.

We'd like to use the Servicecamp for our  tech support.

But for now, we are on a trial version and we can't find how to register with our legit serial.

Could you please help us?

Best regards

3 Replies
3 Replies
Posted by MD78

Re: SERVICECAMP with Corporate Licence

I have the same question. Corporate customer that would like to use servicecamp, which is now included withe corporate license. How do we enable this or will the trial license run out and convert directly into a regular license?

Posted by cmarunde

Re: SERVICECAMP with Corporate Licence

I have exactly the same question. Not enough time to test without knowing how it will go on.

Posted by inayellowshirt

Re: SERVICECAMP with Corporate Licence

Seems Teamviewer support for Servicecamp is non existant, makes me question whether I should continue with it or go elsewhere

Even when I am offering to spend more money with them... wall of silence.