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Posted by ganderson

ServiceCamp & Windows - can only Connect once

I have been working with ServiceCamp and sending connection invites to other users on our network and also remotely. The users being tested on can open the link and the remote teamviewer session will run perfectly and we can see and control the users PC. 

When user disconnects then tries to reconnect, everything stops working. I found that if the user goes to Task Manager and stops the running Teamviewer.EXE then it will start working again. 

Any thoughts, can you please raise as a bug after your testing. We cannot rollout until this is fixed.

I have not tested on any other platforms.

thanks Graeme


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1 Reply
Posted by TeamViewer Staff
TeamViewer Staff

Re: ServiceCamp & Windows - can only Connect once


We have forwarded your feedback to our back-end department for further investigation.

As soon as we have some information we will inform you.


Product Owner