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Servicecamp Issues

Has anyone had any replies from support since June 23rd?

Unfortunately having zero luck getting replies from support over the last week and a half, so hopefully can on here.

A few weeks since purchasing Corporate and migrating our ticketing platform across to Servicecamp.  Have been informed by Teamviewer support (when I did get a reply) that they actually dont use it themselves due to a historical/legacy platform they currently use, which makes a lot more sense now due to few basic and fundamental flaws that anyone would come across as soon as they start using as a support desk day to day.

1. Hyperlinks on incoming tickets - Servicecamp is converting incoming emails into plain text and hence hyperlinks dont work.  Have been informed that this will be fixed early July (crossing my fingers)

2. Attachment size.  Want an email from a customer not to hit your servicecamp inbox?  Attach something to it!  Emails are simply dissapearing when attachments of around 4mb+ are sent in.  Had a reply from support that this is Amazon SES limitation, but online resources state SES limits are 10mb out and 30mb in which is plenty sufficient for most applications.  I am still waiting on a response to that statistic.  Feel free to restrict certain attachments if needed, but inform the inbox!  Email's shouldn't just not turn up and disappear into the ether.

3. Missing emails (without attachments).  Quite a few Marketing type emails are not hitting our Servicecamp inbox.  Not in the SPAM box either and have checked that they are not on the blocked customer list.  I know they are arriving, as I have 2 support desks running side by side due to the above mentioned issues.  Support is investigating, but yet to hear back from a reply about 2 weeks ago.

4. Missing content in emails.  There is something not quite right when using certain symbols on both incoming tickets.  Had a customer email yesterday that had 2 paragraphs missing completely, worked out that it was due to the > and < symbols.   Might also be a convert to plain text issue maybe?  On the same note, I cannot raise a support ticket via Teamviewer's website if it contains those symbols, so something amiss.

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2 Replies
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Former Staff

Re: Servicecamp Issues

Hi Karls,

Thank you for the feedback. We pride in taking our customers responses seriously and believe in providing the best customer experience.

We are currently investigating possible solutions to the issues you’ve raised.

With reference to the hyperlink on incoming tickets & attachment size we have a solution in place. Support will reach out to you today.

We need to further investigate the missing mail & content issue, we will get back to you as soon we understand what went wrong.

We do apologise for not responding to you earlier and will do our best to keep you updated on the progress.

Thank you for your patience.


Roydin Fernandes

Manager - Technical Support

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Re: Servicecamp Issues

Thank you Roydin,

I have just had a long chat with William in your Adelaide office who has gathered additional information, taken a screenshot of the missing content issue and confirmed a few things.

Support has typically been responsive, but we have had confusion whether or not our replies to tickets were being received and the recent extended delay added to the uncertainty.

Great to hear about plain text resolution and hopefully the email size increase William has informed us of will solve the attachment issues we are having.  Will test further today.

We have had many standard tickets in and out of servicecamp since implementing and with a couple of these issues sorted, will be able to leave the other platform for good.

Thanks again for the response and to William for making contact.