Script error upon exit of Teamviewer 15



  • Constantinos

    This has been answered before.

    The solution is pretty SIMPLE and doesn't require any registry editing.

    Just go to internet options and change the internet security level to maximum.



  • Annie3
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    That did not work.

  • majestic100
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    Did not work.  No solution found.   Anyone in the community got a fix  ??? Anone working for Teamviewer got a fix ??? 

  • JeanK
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    Hi all,

    Thank you for all your messages. ?

    We wanted you to give you a little update regarding this issue.

    Our team is working on a solution, we will keep you posted in this thread.

    We are sorry for the inconveniences caused.

    Best regards


    Community Manager

  • oldmo
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    Just installed latest release, 15.10.5, and the problem has not yet been resolved.....

  • mLipok
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    edited December 2020

    Normally TV on Windows use InternetExplorer in embeded mode (for example to display marketing information).

    If you are not bussines user you can try to use this BETA/Experimental ? feature:

    For bussiness users this is not recomended without having decision taked by your Corporate/Bussiness "SecurityOfficer" because of this is experimental and for this reason Microsoft can gather some data. And for this reason before you use this feature with TeamViewer there is special information about this problem and you must be sure that you understand it well.

    mLipok , AutoIt MVP