TeamViewer Business License wont activate


We just got TeamViewer business through TechSoup for our non-profit organization. I clicked on the link and filled everything out, but the site asked for payment eventhough the total was $0.00. I went to paypal, however I got a message saying payment couldn't connect at this time. I clicked the link to try a different payment option, and now I am recieving a message saying the key is not valid, and is asking me to pay the full price. How can I get this resolved?


  • Fiona_G
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    Hi @CaCr,

    Thank you for your message and welcome to our community.

    In this situation, we recommend contacting the company you purchased from to confirm your order immediately. You can find a legitimate partner on our website:

    Also, TeamViewer is proud to support non-profit organizations and to offer them ongoing discounts in relation to the current list price. For more information, please kindly check out our KBA - TeamViewer for Non-profit Organizations.

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  • CaCr
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    Hi Fiona,

    I spoke with a representative this morning who got my product activated sucessfully, however now we just got a bill for $588.00, when it should have been $0.00. The person I spoke with confirmed my information was valid so how do I get this bill taken care of? 

  • cmsjan
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    I just purchased a donated business license for Teamviewer through techsoup and when I put the URL in the cleared cache browser, no discount is shown.  I have a message in to Techsoup but I am guessing they will tell me to contact TV.  Ugh.  I also purchased a Techsoup donated license for TV for another organization and it worked perfectly.