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Connection To Team Viewer Drops Out

Every five minutes my connection to Team Viewer drops out for about 30 seconds. This started when I got a new router because I was told my old one went bad. The connection comes back with out me needing to re-sign in but like clockwork it drops out every five minutes. Not sure if there is a setting that needs to change or what. The connection didn't drop out like that with the old router. New Router: Arris NVG589 - Coroparate Account - WiFi Connection




  • Fiona_G
    Fiona_G Posts: 689 Staff member 🤠

    Hi @DavidFrance,

    Thank you for your post and welcome to our community.

    Could you please check the settings in your remote session Toolbar > Actions > Lock Computer > Lock on session end? When checked, any connection ended from your device will lock the remote machine. If you wish to turn this off, un-check the option from the menu. For more information, please check out our KBA - All About the TeamViewer Remote Session Toolbar (Mac)  

    I hope it would be helpful.

    Kind regards,


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