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Modifer keys do not pass through with only certain commands


I'm having trouble getting modifier keys to pass to a remote computer with certain keys on my keyboard. 

A modifier with any of the normal letter or number keys works as expected and passes through to the remote computer just fine. 

A modifier with any of the function keys on the keyboard does not pass through at all. For example, Command + F1 which I have set up as a unique command in one of the apps on that computer. 

A modifier with any of the keys on the number pad does not pass through the modifier - instead only the number pad command passes through. For example if I press Command + "3 on the number pad", the remote computer responds as if I only pressed "3 on the number pad" without the command key.

I am running Teamviewer 15.10.5 (bcaa34a2a33) on Mac OSX 10.14.5





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