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WOL and TV9 not working

WOL doesn't seem to work with TV9.

Here's the setup :

* POS system with DHCP binded IP adress to recieve WOL package.
* TV 9 installed with external ip adress set to send WOL package, and POS system added to contact list.
* Modem/Router NAT portforwarding of port 9 to binded IP-adress

I can't get TV9 to wake the machine up if the WOL package is send trough the internet.
If the setting are set to send the package localy, there's no problem (the system starts immediatly)

If i try to use a different WOL tool on the same port settings it's starts, only teamviewer 9 can't.

Any idea's anyone?

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  • DomLan
    DomLan Posts: 490 Star

    Hi @Tonit

    try to check @Esther reply for quite same scenario. Into first link, try to check your router configuration, expecially the part for port forwarding.

    You're probably getting a block at this level.

    Hope this help.


    Domenico Langone
    MCSD: App Builder
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  • Tonit
    Tonit Posts: 3

    Thanks for the reply.

    But the link you provided just leads to the setup manual. All the explained steps in there are configured as their supposed to be. ( At least, I followed these steps accordingly).

    The bottleneck seems to be a firewall setting of sorts or something that's blocking the WOL request.

    If I let the modem/router send a WOL request it's working just fine as well. So I think i'll have to see if i can find something in that setup.

    If you or anyone would like to help the modem/router type is a Draytek Vigor 2760.

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