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TeamViewer not getting connected through GUI after daemon has been started remotely


I am new to using teamviewer with commandline. Here is my problem:

A remote computer that had TeamViewer installed re-booted itself. I ssh'd to the computer with -X and started teamviewer dameon with "sudo teamviewer daemon start". When I do "teamviewer info", I see the following: Screenshot from 2020-10-01 16-52-34.png





I can see the id if I use sudo, and I have changed the password. Now, when I close the ssh session and open teamviewer app and try connecting, I can't get farther from the page and I never get asked of the password

Screenshot from 2020-10-01 16-57-17.png

I am not sure how to connect now using this native app anymore. Please let me know. 

Thank you, 

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