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Blizz is becoming TeamViewer Meeting

Esther Posts: 4,078 Former Community Manager

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Hi all,

Today I am happy to share some exciting news with you:

Blizz will soon become TeamViewer Meeting

TeamViewer launched Blizz in 2017 with a simple mission: to enable secure and simple online collaboration.

As you know, TeamViewer is the industry leader in remote connectivity, and now the definition of remote connectivity includes remote working and collaboration. Given this view, we are merging the Blizz product under the TeamViewer brand name.

Beyond connecting devices, TeamViewer is focused on connecting people. This rebranding is to clarify that Blizz, our online meeting and collaboration application, is proudly a TeamViewer product.

Further, this rebranding will bring a new color palette, fonts, and iconography to make this clear while the trusted feature set will remain the same. And yes - we are working on adding new features for you!

Does the rebranding have an impact on you? I talked to the team and they promised me the following:

  • The features will be unchanged, but the interface will have new colors, fonts, and iconography
  • Your license and contract will be unchanged
  • The invoices you receive will reflect the product "TeamViewer Meeting" instead of "Blizz"

I hope you find this news as exciting as I do and join me in welcoming Blizz to the TeamViewer family soon.

Thanks and best,


Former Community Manager



  • Hello,

    will this change include a TeamViewer-Meeting functionality on iOS as well? Actually, I cannot join a Teamviewer meeting from my mobile.

    And what will happen to the ability to share the mouse cursor, actually only available in Teamviewer meeting, not in Blizz?

    Kind Regards,
       Axel Wegener


  • Thank you for the info, Esther! Question: we already have a TeamViewer Corporate license that includes TeamViewer Meetings. However, we purchased a separate blizz Corporate license this year because TeamViewer meeting didn't quite meet the need for us; blizz works better for us for webinars and is easier for clients to use. Will our existing TeamViewer license suffice for this newer TeamViewer Meetings?

  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 4,078 Former Community Manager

    Hi @awegener ,

    Thanks a lot for your question.

    After the rebranding, we will offer two different TeamViewer Meeting products. One integrated into the TeamViewer application, and the other will be the standalone application previously called Blizz.

    The rebranding will not come immediately with new features for the formerly known Blizz product, and the integrated TeamViewer Meeting will also keep its current feature set.

    As you know, the two Meeting solutions are currently not cross-compatible - meaning that you can´t join meeting from one solution with the other. But we are happy to tell you that we are working on an update to make this cross-compatibility possible. A release date for this is yet to be confirmed, and I can´t give you a timeline right now.

    However, to answer your question about the iOS app: No, the meeting app for iOS will only be available for the standalone TeamViewer Meeting solution (=previously Blizz).

    And the mouse cursor: This I am happy to pass to our product team.

    I am taking the chance and answer @alippiatts question here as well:

    No worries - your license and contract will be unchanged. That means your existing Blizz license will continue to be valid also after the rebranding for the new TeamViewer Meeting.

    And your TeamViewer Corporate license is valid for the "old" TeamViewer Meeting if you want to have a couple of meetings with that solution too.

    Thanks and best,


    Former Community Manager

  • Thank you.