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Strange shutdown/blocking off incoming connection


I got a strange thing happening to tw,(TeamViewer).

Sometimes I just can't connect, even thou I just recently had a connection..

It just timeout.

The strange fenomena is that I also have realvnc server installed, and that one also failes at the same time..

First I though it was the router, but today I was running a VM machine at the same computer, and that connection worked fine.

I looked at the loggfile, and it seems that the tw lost connection to some server, and shutdown, but it didn't restart.. this however couldn't cause the realvnc to fail.

This might be the wrong forum, but something seems to interfere with vnc communications.

This don't happen often, 2-3 times a month, but it's annoying.. luckily the ssh was working so i could restart the system.

Anybody else that encountered this issue?