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Android: mouse pointer is shifted

Hi there,

I wish to remote maintenance a Galaxy Tab A7 (SM-T500, Android 10, Knox 3.5). I installed TeamViewer QuickSupport on the tablet.

Problem: I can see the tablet's screen content. But my clicks are not where the mouse pointer is shown to me.

This means: For example, I point to "Contacts", but the "Calendar" opens.

Can anyone help?

Regards, KIlombo



  • I'm experiencing the exact same issue.

    What works:

    * I am able to connect using QuickSupport and see the screen

    * I am able drag the screen left and right by clicking and dragging

    What doesn't work:

    * I'm unable to tap on things on the tablet screen -- clicking with the mouse seems to not tap on the corresponding spot on the tablet screen. I've experimented a decent amount and have not been able to figure out if it's consistently off in one direction.

    * Screensharing via the TeamViewer Host app doesn't appear to work -- when I try to connect via I'm able to send keystrokes to it, but the screen is black.

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