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Android Host on Huawei T10s - Privacy notice

smpl Posts: 6 ✭✭


I just bought a Huawei T10s tablet for my grandma. She can't operate a tablet, so I do it remotely. I have installed TeamViewer Host and Universal Add-on. I have added the device to my account. With each connection, the 'Privacy notice' message appears on the tablet screen and it is necessary to approve the connection:

If the screen is off, you need to turn it on and select 'Start now'. Otherwise connection is not possible. On older Lenovo and Sony devices, I don't get these messages and can connect without having to approve the connection.

Do you have an idea how to get around it?



  • smpl
    smpl Posts: 6 ✭✭

    Ok, I found the solution:

    1. install ADB on your computer
    2. install Shizuku on your phone, open Shizuku, "view command," copy command, close Shizuku
    3. Install (and purchase) App Ops on phone
    4. Enable Developer options on your phone
    5. Allow USB debugging on your phone (in Developer options)
    6. Connect phone to computer via USB cable
    7. Open terminal window on computer in ABD folder, and type in the command that you copied from Shizuku
    8. Open App Ops, look for application you want to allow PROJECT_MEDIA for, and allow PROJECT_MEDIA
    9. Close App Ops. You're done.


    You don't have to purchase App Ops. Free version is enough.
    It works perfectly for me.

  • Giumak
    Giumak Posts: 1

    Great. Everything works. Thank you