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Screen freeze

When I connect to my home pc from my work pc after 10~15 secs my screen is freeze completly and I can´t use anymore the remote desktop, I dont know what happen with older version this issue never happen.

I'm using windows 10 in both machines.


  • My only work around has been to log off the remote and log back on. It updates the screen and sort of works ok for a while.

  • It appears they have just released (29/11/2016)an update to the Beta software that addresses this issue. I haven't tested it yet but what's to lose? Check for updates.

    ITSYS Posts: 1

    I'm facing a similar problem, using TV 12 final, but it already appeared to the same remote-machine with TV 7, too.

    I can connect and everything runs fine at first, but just trying to collapse the small TeamViewer-window in the right bottom corner freezes the screen.

    This just seems to happen in our company network, the problem doesn't appear using a mobile LTE-connection. Does anyone have any hints to solve this?

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