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Raspberry Pi and Teamviewer15 - connecting.. nothing happens anymore...


I installed teamviewer-host on the raspberry pi (ubuntu 20.10 server - 32 bit). And the daemon starts and I did the teamviewer setup and everything seems to be ok. But now if I try to connect to the raspberry with teamviewer from a remote machine. It just says "connecting..." and nothing more happens.. after a minute or so the connection is just rejected without any error message or any message at all. I tried this from three different external machines and all got the same behavior. I can see that the PI is online and its connectable with teamviewer but if I try to connect it just says "connecting...." - nothing else happens. What can I check / try / do?!?! Please help!

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  • m0erk
    m0erk Posts: 3

    Update: I reviewed the logfile and it seems to be an authentication timeout.


    The logfile says:

    Session to xxx terminated because of authentication timeout!

    SessionControl::TerminateSession: Sesstion termination reason 33