Is there anything by Team Viewer OR 3rd Party that will automatically make Mac required security cha

I provide technical support to a wide array of users. Many users belong to a demographic that have difficulty with basic computer operations and or medical conditions that preclude them from being able to perform complex operations outside of their nomal daily use tasks.

If this particular demographic of user is using Windows and requests assistance launching Team Viewer Quick Support, there are no problems. The users can click prompts to accept and react uisng Windows.

However, any time I get a Mac OS user from this demographic, it takes hours just to get them connected to TeamViewer Quick Support due to difficulty performing the steps required to grant access to Team Viewer Quick Support as listed at KB Article: How to Grant Access to Team Viewer Quick Support On Mac OS

 Is there anything made by Team Viewer OR by a third party that will automatically make the required security changes so that users can simply launch Team Viewer Quick Support OR Launch it and click OK or Accept to allow it to make all of the necessary changes?

I am fast reaching the point where Team Viewer is not a viable solution for remotely supporting the particular user demographic mentioned because it takes longer to get connected than it does to actually solve the user(s) problem(s).

Is anyone aware of a solution for this even if it is some third party product that combines with Team Viewer Quick Support?


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    Hello @ACECEO

    Thank you for your message and welcome to the TeamViewer Community! ?

    We understand the challenge here, but unfortunately, Mac users have to manually set up these new security measures in their device settings.

    This is a restriction that is coming from Apple's side - there is nothing we can do to make it automatic.

    We thank you in advance for your understanding.

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    The only way would be to have the computers tied to a MDM solution and managing the rights there. But this is of course impossible with users who have personal or unmanaged computers.

    Apple is being actively hostile to any remote desktop software so it's not any better with any other solution either.