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I cant migrate from Monitis


  • DaudetH
    DaudetH Posts: 2
    edited December 2020

    i had to upload twice the same xml file i downloaded from monitis so the platform could add those monitors

  • Karlen
    Karlen Posts: 76 Staff

    Hi DaudetH,

    Did you finally manage to migrate your monitors from Monitis?

    If there are some issue, please let us know.

    Also want to inform you that we have released a downloadable report file for monitor's migration from Monitis that will allow users to see the migrated from Monitis monitors and migration success level. 

    Now after the based on configuration dump file monitors creation process ending customers on the information dialog bar at the top, can click and download the CSV file, with the Monitor Name, Monitor Type and Status information.

    Product Owner, Remote Management services
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