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Is there any way to force the option to inherit the security policy from the group that the computer is in?

I know I can specify a security policy for the group, but that doesn't seem to matter. I still end up with a lot of computers that do not automatically inherit the policy. And I know they're not inheriting because one of the policies is to not show a password in the Host application (which is what we want).

And yes, I could make a calendar reminder to go in there once in a while to select all the computers and manually tell them to inherit the security policy....again....but there are 31 pages of computers I would have to cycle through.





Am I doing something wrong, or does TeamViewer just not have the ability to effectively manage a large number of computers?


  • JeanK
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    Hello @tullyhall1,

    The best way to manage it's policies, is to make sure the policy is correctly assigned to the computer group within the Management Console:

    If the right policy is assigned to your group, you don't have to check anything anymore, as the policies are automatically assigned and updated, everytime your computer goes online.

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  • ericortego
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    One problem that I see is the policy doesn't get applied to existing members of the group. Only newly added members of the group get the policy as none of them are set to get the policy from the group. I have to go through every single member of the group and change their policy to "inherit from group" which makes this a ridiculous design. I even tried moving members out and back into the group but NOTHING is ever applied unless I manually change each. 😡 🤬 ☠️

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    Did you find a solution to this? its bloody crazy I have just noticed that hundreds of members of my main group are set to "no policy" can't change it to inherit unless I do them one by one.