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Web Monitoring; Adding registered email results in Unknown Error

Hello, when following the discussion "Web Monitoring - add emails" discussion and have added a free account based on my personal email address (which I've done) and then added that email address / Teamviewer account as a contact, then editing my monitoring notification to select and add the new email address, once I hit finish, I see "Unknown Error" at the top of the list of sites I'm monitoring.

When I review the Web Monitoring setup, I see that the additional email address hasn't been added.

Will await your reply. Thank you,


  • Karlen
    Karlen Posts: 76 Staff
    edited December 2020

    Hi LEP_AFMC,

    We are currently working on the possibility of adding all the TeamViewer account emails, that are in your Contacts list, to the Notification part.

    Now you can add only emails that belong to your Company. See below how to create a Company and add the so-called "sub-accounts", who you can provide user permissions and also share Monitor collections:

    1. In the User Management tab provide a name to your Company and click the "Create" button - see attached Screenshot 34
    2. Click "+Add User" for the new users without TeamViewer Account or the "+Add existing account" button - see attached Screenshot 35
    3. The added into your Company accounts will after that be able to get email notifications when correspondingly added into Notify this emails field on Add Monitor wizard - Step 3

    Product Owner, Remote Management services
    LEP_AFMC Posts: 3 ✭✭

    Karlem, noted, but you're aware on how useless it is to monitor multiple aspects of your infrastructure, including whatever you're using to host emails, and not have a separate non-company email address as a backup, so that when your email isn't functioning you can be informed of that fact right away.

    Teamviewer should of left Monitis infrastructure as is, if it wasn't going to provide the same, and what most would consider to be basic services, in the Teamviewer Webmonitoring replacement (another being daily / weekly reports).

    Another frustrating experience that your customers don't need.

    When will you have the non-company backup email functionallity up and running? Or do I have to go on Twitter to vent how Teamviewer isn't a good replacement to Monitis?

    We'll await your reply,

  • Karlen
    Karlen Posts: 76 Staff

    Hi LEP_AFMC,

    It is planned to be in Spring this year, I think in April it will be published.

    Sorry for the inconvenience I as a Monitis user also understand your point.


    Product Owner, Remote Management services
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