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Android PC Host

SpikerzZ Posts: 2


I have an Android PC and what happands is I install the teamviewer host and when I log into my account the loading circle spins around forever until I either close the app or go to a different page.

When I go back to the page, it says you are assigned to "My Name" but when I check on my computer and on the website " it doesn't show no new devices attached, I did this once before on a different Android PC and it worked way back, that was about 6 months ago.

Remember the PC I am trying to add is an Android PC NOT an Android Phone or Tablet, also the computers I access my account on is both Windows 10 Pro.

Thanks for your time and effort in helping me with this issue.




  • SpikerzZ
    SpikerzZ Posts: 2

    Figured it out, just had to download the Samsung Host App, This Android PC must be using the Samsung OS

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