Problems Accessing a Lenovo ThinkPad X230


Remote computer: Lenovo ThinkPad X230

O.S.: Windows 10 Professional (Ver: 20H2 ; Build: 19042.685)

Intel HD Graphics 4000 ; Driver version: (8/6/2020)


The problem is that the functionality of TeamViewer is limited (or impaired) when attempting to access the X230. TV version 15.13.6 is installed in both systems, but the problem has existed for several years, with every version of TeamViewer.

When I attempt to access the X230, I am always presented with a black screen after authentication. I must do 1 or 2 View|Refresh Screen selections to be able to see the desktop. If Microsoft Edge (Chromium) is open, I will be unable to manipulate or control it in any way (and it will not refresh during the session). I can close it successfully, but if I attempt to reopen it, I can only see the outline of where the program should be.

If I attempt to install software, the screen goes black each time a UAC (User Account Control) operation is required. Generally, it takes 4 successive View|Refresh Screen selections to bring the screen back. And I must repeat this for each UAC operation (there are several in most software installations).

Accessing Windows Settings in only partially functional. I can open the Settings page, for example, but can't scroll to be able to see Update. I therefore use a Windows search to get access to Update. Similarly, I can't access the Start Menu for Programs. I can see the first ones, but not beyond that. Again, I must use Windows search to start programs.

I can continue with more examples but TeamViewer definitely doesn't play nice with the X230. I use TeamViewer to access other systems and it works beautifully. And the X230 is quite nice to use in person (I use it for travel).

Some programs work well, and without issue. Windows Explorer, for example. Bot overall, it is an unpleasant and difficult experience.

Any suggestions as to how to fix this?


  • RelStrat
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    I have the same problem but not on the thinkpad, on every one of my brand new 6 Windows 10 PC's. Very annoying. DId you ever get a resolution?

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