Cannot expand LOCAL window without changing REMOTE resolution

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I've seen this question posed in a lot of different places and it doesn't seem like anyone ever knows what the asker is asking about. I will try to be as clear as I can in my explanation here. I'm using Teamviewer 15.12.4 (OSX) on a high resolution monitor, to access remote machines (mostly Windows servers) with low resolutions that I cannot increase due to VRAM restrictions. This would not be a problem with most remote access solutions, as I could just resize the window and the display would expand to best fit my monitor- not changing the remote resolution, but just blowing up the image on my local display to fit the dimensions of the window. But I cannot do this with Teamviewer. No matter whether I have the View tab set to Original or Scaled, I cannot expand my local window past what the actual pixel size of the remote display is set to. If I go to Full Screen mode, the display itself stays tiny in the center of my screen and fills in the rest of the window with black space.

My question is: is this either a known bug, or the intended behavior? Is there a way for me to keep my remote computer resolution low (or, in any case, unchanged), and resize my Teamviewer window in a way that the image will "best fit" to the dimensions of the window?