Unable to Use Personal Account on Ex Work Device

Hi I have used Teamviewer for years. My ex company had it, I bought my old work device from the company when I left and was using my personal TV account for a while with no issues. Then about a month ago my account started telling me I can't use my personal account as the bill hadn't been paid. Which is when I realised that somehow my personal account had become connected to the ex company who it seems haven't paid the bill. I have kids and they use computers in the house so I rely on TeamViewer for personal use to manage their devices. Without it I am really stuck. How can I get this resolved? I have already sent in an unlock request which has done nothing and with home schooling this is really affecting my life and causing extra stress and anxiety. Please advise how I can get this resolved.

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  • Esther
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    Hi there,

    Have you already seen this article?

    Can you check back with your old company that they remove all licenses from your devices and account?

    Also - I recommend making sure to not use the old work account anymore and only login with your personal account.

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  • mplevin
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    I was using a personal account and this is what I am trying to say that some how its become attached to my ex company corporate account and now any Mac that I had my personal account logged in I am unable to use Teamviewer. This invoice has nothing to do with my personal account so I need what ever has been put I place to link this removed by Teamviewer. I even created a new personal account to see if this would resolve the issue and it hasn't. I just need Teamviewer to reset so I can continue helping my kids with their home schooling whilst working thanks

  • JeanK
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    Hello @mplevin,

    The TeamViewer ID of your Mac has been blocked because your corporate account was at some time in use on your device.

    As the TeamViewer ID of your Mac was in the past linked to the blocked account, it got blocked as well.

    There is unfortunately only way to unblock this: the company has to pay the invoice. Once it is done, the ID of your Mac will be automatically unblocked.

    I hope this could help you to understand the why and how.

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