Black Screen with winxp when connect to win10 & win7 with tv12

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I have the lastest vesion installed on all 3 computers. it is 12. 0.81460

I am using winxp to connect to a win10 or win7 pc.

I get a black screen as soon as tv is done with it's connection on either the win10 or win7 pc.

Help Please!



  • digideth
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    Here is my screen.......

    screenshot of the connectionscreenshot of the connection
    So no one else with xp is having this issuse?

  • digideth
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    In the lastest change log is there is this entry "TeamViewer now leverages the graphics processing unit (GPU) for hardware accelerated image processing to further increase the performance"

    I am almost positive this is causing my problem when using windows xp to connect to win10 or win7.

    How can i go back to version 12.0.78716 ?



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    Если решил проблему, отпишись как ты это сделал? так же мучаюсь!

  • I have this problem too :(  when trying to access my Win 8 home computer from a Win XP computer

  • Use the app and send negative feedback explaining the problem (check the box to send logs and make sure to send a screenshot showing the black screen) and they will walk you through the steps to fix it.

    It's been to long for me to remember what they did to fix the issues.

  • OK Thanks I'll try that
  • It will take a few days for them to reply but once we got the conversation going about fixing the isssue they responded quickly.