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Intermittant Black Screen when connecting to Samsung Tablet running Android 10

NjG Posts: 1 Newbie

Hi There,

I have TeamViewer host (15.15.46) installed on a Samsung TAB A7 10.4 running Android 10. I can connect to it but most of the time I get a black screen. However, randomly it connects and I can see the screen fine.

I get this issue whether I connect from TeamViewer (15.14.5 32bit) on my Windows 10 desktop or another android tablet running TeamViewer (15.15.46).

I have tried plugging in the tablet, making sure it is awake and also opening the host app prior to connecting but there does not seem to be any obvious combination where I can reliably get it to connect without a black screen.

On a separate Tablet, a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1, worked fine while it was running Android 9 but since it upgraded to Android 10 I have the same issues.

I've googled and searched the forum and while there are a number of posts about this but not much by way of any solutions. Any advice or hints would be most appreciated.

Kind regards,