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MS Surface Pro 4 will not wake other PCs

I use TeamViewer from my laptop to remotely wake and access two other PCs and it has been great. Note that I do not need to access the Surface remotely which would have required me to have an NIC dongle or docking station (I have neither). The laptop runs win 10, one PC runs Win 10 and one PC runs Vista. The laptop connects via WiFi and the two PCs are direct cabled to the modem (Fritzbox). The moden has a DDNS address via so I can wake and run the PCs when I am away from home. I recently replaced my laptop with a MS Surafce Pro 4 plus upgraded the Surface and the Win 10 PC to TeamViewer 12 all very recently.

While the three computers are on the same network and all running I can remote control the two PCs from my Surface. However I have been unable to wake either of the two PCs from the Surface. On the Surface I have configured:

  • there are no relevant settings available in the UEFI (BIOS) for this purpose
  • Wake on pattern match for the WiFi network adaptor
  • no fast start up
  • start TV with Wndows
  • Public address via Port 9
  • accept incoming LAN connect
  • added Surafce to my TV account
  • in the modem I have set up port sharing for the Surafce on Port 9

Is there something I have missed or is there a particular problem with the Surface Pro in this service?

Dennis K-B

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