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Teamviewer Bug Fix on Raspberry PI for Non Starting on RASPBERRY PI desktop

openbsdtai123 Posts: 1 Newbie
edited March 15 in Linux only


I installed : ""

I run apt-get install -f -y to get all the necessary.

         The following additional packages will be installed:

          gstreamer1.0-plugins-base libcdparanoia0 libgstreamer-plugins-base1.0-0

          liborc-0.4-0 libqt5opengl5 libqt5printsupport5 libqt5qml5 libqt5quick5

          libqt5sql5 libqt5sql5-sqlite libqt5webkit5 libvisual-0.4-0

          qml-module-qtgraphicaleffects qml-module-qtquick-controls

          qml-module-qtquick-dialogs qml-module-qtquick-layouts

          qml-module-qtquick-privatewidgets qml-module-qtquick-window2


          Suggested packages:

          gvfs libvisual-0.4-plugins qt5-qmltooling-plugins

Then, I reboot my machine to be sure. I login with pi (that has the sudo very ok and working).

So all is fine.

Then, xterm :


**Information removed as per Community Guidelines**

Please find the error in the screenshot.

A fix would be welcome ! Many people has a PI !

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