Teamviewer 15.16.8 does not show gui

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After an update of teamviewer to version 15.16.8 amd64 on debian buster (latest updates + backports), the teamviewer UI does not show, and when launching client with console, it does not show any error. Only :


CheckCPU: SSE2 support: yes

Checking setup...

Launching TeamViewer ...

Launching TeamViewer GUI ...


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    I'm using a dedicated Debian Buster 10.9 VM with a clean XFCE Tasksel installation and VirtualBox tools for my TeamViewer environment. Of course all current updates are installed. It stopped working after recent Update on 2021-04-07 to TeamViewer 15.16.8 amd64 using dpkg/apt. It will connect to the remote host and display a recent screen of the remote host, but then freezes: No display updates and no keyboard or mouse inputs nor chat messages will be transmitted.

    It seems like the /opt/teamviewer/tv_bin/TeamViewer process is hanging in a FUTEX, as it will only go away when killing with SIGTERM before restarting. Otherwise no reconnection is possible at all.

    I've already tried to reinstall the TeamViewer with no success (apt remove --purge teamviewer && rm /home/astricker/{.cache/TeamViewer,.config/teamviewer,.local/share/teamviewer15}).

    In the TeamViewer Logfile are not obvious errors at the time of the hangup. But I'm not an expert here.