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Raspberry Pi Host no control



  • PelicanMedia
    PelicanMedia Posts: 19 ✭✭

    Unfortunately not. They have only answered the issue about not being able to assign the device back to my account.

    "from the graphical interface, open a terminal and to login in the terminal window as root (sudo su) and run these commands:

    teamivewer daemon stop
    teamviewer daemon start
    teamviewer setup

    and try to do the assignment again."

    The support agent, as usual, wasn't reading my messages and giving the incorrect version to install (64bit Linux rather than the armhf version) plus also telling me to install without using sudo. Default copy-pasted answers.

    I would strongly suggest anyone who is having this issue open their own support ticket if you can. The more they get, the more they may see that their developers arent testing correctly.