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What's the best, safest way to upgrade Teamviewer on a remote Mac?

A remote Mac, running Mojave, with Teamviewer version 10 32-bit.

Can I just connect and click the upgrade button on the connection to get that done? Is it possible to upgrade a machine remotely through my Teamviewer account portal? It's a corporate license.

Or, do I need to run the lastest Teamviewer host installer (while I'm using the Teamviewer connection... Will that get lost? Will the machine get a new Teamviewer ID)?

Or, since it's a Mac, Teamviewer 10 is 32-bit, but the lastest Teamviewer 15 for Mac is 64-bit. Does that mean I need to completely uninstall Teamviewer (on the remote machine) and then use something else for screen sharing/remote connecting to get 64-bit Teamviewer 15 for Mac installed?

The user on the remote Mac in this scenario does not have admin rights, so the most they can do is start Teamviewer and give me a Teamviewer ID, if they're available. There are cases where no person will be physically present at the remote Mac. In that case, I'm stuck having to use something else to remote in.

A similar scenario will come up when I need to upgrade a Mac on Mojave to Big Sur. 32-bit Teamviewer can't get on there.

I'm also wondering how I can get the Preferences, Privacy extension option checked for Teamviewer. I believe that's happening on Catalina and Big Sur Macs. I think it may happen with Mojave as well. If I installed Teamviewer on a remote Mac, how can I get the Privacy extension checked so I can do more than only view with Teamviewer? Is that finding another remote screen sharing program to use temporarily in that case?

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