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First off, I'm trying to get a refund. I was charged and I don't even use the service. I tried to submit a ticket, but the site actually seems broken to the point where I am just linked through a strange loop that keeps me on these forums.

Please, someone in TeamViewer sales, give me a refund.. I didn't authorize the charge.


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    Hello @patrickdoyle

    Thanks for your post.

    We are unable to assist in any licensing or invoice issues in the support community.

    The reason you are reverted to the community when attempting to access the ticket portal is a licensed account is required in order to submit a ticket.

    You can reach out to the licensing and support teams directly using local numbers found here:

    Josh P.

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    I need a refund I didn't request this

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    It's kind of useless answer because it redirects to useless general TeamView'er support page. If I'd find any useful information in the support page do I start looking for information there? :D