Device authorization email shows unrecognized location


So I've signed up for the free version of teamviewer to help my elderly mom with tech support on her devices. After I signed up, I installed the teamviewer host app on her Samsung tablet and I got two device authorization emails one right after another. The first one said the device was from a location I did not recognize (Baoding, CN). The second one had the correct location of the tablet. Is this something I need to be concerned about? I'm wondering if my mom's tablet has somehow been hacked or if it's possible for a 3rd party to monitor teamviewer traffic?


  • Esther
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    HI @chonger

    Thanks for your report.

    We would like to have a closer look at what you described. Would you mind sending me both emails you received and the TeamViewer ID of the Samsung tablet via a private message? I will let our Security team have a look.

    For sending me a private message, click in this reply on my name and a popup will appear. In there is a button to send me a message.

    Thanks, Esther

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