Servicecamp outage message "due to outstanding payment"

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As a Teamviewer Premium user for a number of years now, and also using the ServiceCamp platform for our ticketing, we were VERY disappointed with an issue that came up last week that we believe Teamviewer should review.

Last week our Servicecamp ticketing portal was suspended, and was displaying a message saying this was due to Outstanding Payment.

I will side step the issue that we had already paid the previous month so this was a mistake on Teamviewers behalf, but Teamviewer should seriously consider changing the message as this was visible to users and support team alike. Luckily almost all my users are within my company, but if I had external users seeing this, I would be furious about what Teamviewer are insinuating about my company.

Please review this message and I would strongly suggest you change it to just state the Servicecamp system is deactivated and the Admin to contact Teamviewer.

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  • PSlomp
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    This has happened to my company as well. We have made numerous phone calls and it still has not been resolved.

  • bachmanneurope

    This happens every year to us too. TeamViewer just cut us off with no warning! Yes, we paid too.

  • GA_Systems_Inc
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    Same message here. This is extremally disappointing. Their saleswoman told us about Service Camp and how great it is and when we went to set it up it is saying there is a payment issue. Message is false and disrespectful to our company. It is April of 2022 and I see people have reported it many moons ago... This tells me TeamViewer is not paying attention to its customers :(. Seeing this we will be staying away from this product.