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Can a device/computer have two different versions of Teamviewer Quicksupport?


I am supporting several computers that make up Aircraft Simulator systems. The company that initially put these systems together, has a Custom QuickSupport Module exe. installed so that they can access the computers if we need technical support. However, I would like to be able to install another Version of TeamViewer (perhaps the host version) since I typically troubleshoot first to resolve issues quicker. I would like to keep the version installed by the other company in the case I need them to remote into the computer, but be able to have a version I can access to take a look at the system and perhaps even perform regular updates to it without conflicting with theirs. What is the best way to facilitate this or will there be no issues if I install the host version on these devices?


  • JeanK
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    Hello @DannyAF123,

    What you could do is to use a standard QuickSupport module on the remote devices (not the customized one).

    You can use the one from our website:

    Once the QuickSupport is open, you will be able to connect to it without using the customized one.

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