Looking for assistance with a Mouse/Pointer problem on my iPAD Mini

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I’m experiencing a Mouse/pointer problem with the Teamviewer App on my iPAD Mini 2 (iOS 12.4.9).

Up to yesterday or the day before the Teamviewer App has worked pretty much flawlessly for over a year. In the last couple days i’ve been having a problem with the Mouse/Pointer. When the keyboard is on the screen, the Mouse/Pointer moves to the top of the screen and won’t move down. When you try to move the pointer down the whole window moves.

Below is a link to a screen recording video saved in my Dropbox that shows/describes the problem.


I’ve looked through all the settings in the App, on my iPad and on my Laptop (Windows 10), and couldn’t figure out what’s causing the problem.

If someone can help that would be awesome.



  • JeanK
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    Hello @WillyB,

    Have you tried to minimize the keyboard before scrolling the window?

    You can minimize the keyboard with the following button:

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