Licenses overlap due to emergency purchase

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I have a Teamviewer 7 license purchased 22 Nov 2011.

I used this license on a laptop running Windows XP and I intended to upgrade the operating system to Windows 7 in order to upgrade its Teamviwer version 7 to 15 in accordance with discontinuation of v9 accnounced earlier this year.

I had problems with the operating system upgrading and could no longer use Teamviwer 9 with licensed v7 on the laptop. It was an emergency situation that I had to purchase a new license of version 15 on 17 April 2021 in order to conitue support of my customers. I did asked some questions on the community here, but did not realize my version 7 license can still be used on version 15 at that moment. I thought I had to remove the old license from laptop and transfer it to a new PC like I had done before. My Teamviwer account is now double covered by two licenses, V7 and V15.

My question is: Since a complimentary access to TeamViewer 15 is added automatically to my license until December 31 2022, can the payment of £394.80 for new license of V15 be hold for year of 2023 after end of my v7 license?