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Customized Teamviewer QuickSupport with Logo

Hi all,

i've maybe a stupid question, but maybe you can help me.

I have created a QuickSupport (15) with a Logo and a permanent password.

All works fine for me and a lot of other PC's, but at some PC's i open the Quick Support and i only see the Teamviewer Logo and the defined password is overruled with a random password?!

On the same PC i have an older version of Teamviewer Quick Support (12 or 13) with Logo and it is showing correct.

Is it linked to restrictions on the PC?

Is it loading the Logo and settings from an online location which could be blocked from customer domain?!

Not sure what i made wrong or what went wrong... Any ideas?

Is there any other way to generate a Teamviewer Quick Support which has always the Password and Logo, without using the creation tool in the management console?

Thanks for any idea or help.

Have a nice day.



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  • JeanK
    JeanK Posts: 4,526 Moderator

    Hello @Stefan_Krolzyk,

    If you want to connect via password, we recommend using the TeamViewer Host.

    This is the appropriate module for the use case you are describing.

    You can also customize the Host in the Management Console.

    More info here:

    French Community Moderator
  • Stefan_Krolzyk
    Stefan_Krolzyk Posts: 2 ✭✭

    Hi @JeanK

    thanks for your quick reply, i think it's not a problem with what i'm using.

    The question is more, will the Logo and Password be always the same or also look different on different PC and Domain settings?!

    The QuickSupport works fine, i assume there is also no problem to use the Host, but i haven't tried.

    I just want to make sure, the Logo and the Password is always there, like on the old version i have, still if there are restrictions from the Domain or no internet.

    i can clearly reproduce it.

    When i start the teamviewer with internet on my PC i get the teamviewer with my password and logo

    When i start the teamviewer without Internet i get only the blue teamviewer logo, when i activate the internet, it stays with blue logo and random password.

    It seems the settings are not in the quicksupport.exe they will get loaded when the internet is present / no restriction is done.

    So, how to solve this?!



  • JeanK
    JeanK Posts: 4,526 Moderator
    edited June 9 Accepted Answer

    Thank you for these details.

    The customization works through port 433 and requires Internet (as it is linked to our Management Console which is an online platform).

    Therefore, it is expected that no logo is shown when using TeamViewer in a LAN environment.

    Please find more information here:

    French Community Moderator
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