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Have I Been Using TeamViewer Wrong All These Years?


I am the go to tech guy for my friends and family.  Over the years I have installed Teamviewer on every machine that I've worked on to allow for remote fixes instead of a forced physical visit. I just installed it on another machine and realized that since I installed the full client it did allow me to remote in at any time...BUT THIS ALSO ALLOWS any of these end users to remote in to anyone else's machines.. 

Yes, I just found out about Teamviewer Host so I guess I should have installed that on their machines instead of the full account and signing myself into it. 



I tried playing around with the console, security settings and what not but as it is now, with my Teamviewer account signed in t these machines is there no way to FORCE a password prompt for a password at each remote connect request even tho the machines are in my computer list? 

i.e. teamviewer installed and signed in with my teamviewer account on 8 machines.  From any any computer that I'm my teamviewer account is signed into, If I try to remote connect to any computer in my computer list I want it to prompt me for a password each and every time a remote connect attempt is made. 





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